Concrete Stitching a Garage Floor in Prior Lake

Here’s a home just completed in Prior Lake for a Police officer.  Sometimes when cracks are severe we concrete stitch either rebar or carbon fiber to strengthen the repair before coating.  It’s very typical to have a crack in the middle of double car garage floor starting at the lip and going in about 10 feet.  This can then be felt when we are prepping the floor with our machines.  When one foot is on each side you can feel it shaking differently.   From our years of experience and seeing repairs needed.  This method has substantially reduced calls for this repair.

Typically we insert the rebar/carbon fiber links every 16″ – 18″.  We cut down to the middle of the slab and insert each piece.  Once all repairs are flushed out we’re ready for coating

You’ll never know or see where the repairs are through the coating.  This is a much stronger repair then just chase cutting and filling.